Saturday, January 1, 2011

visionary art

This December, I road-tripped from the east coast to Austin and back with some of my most wonderful friends. We saw some lovely art along the way...

While in Austin, we visited the "cathedral of junk," a fantastic two-story structure in an unassuming suburban backyard. Vince Hanneman started building his creation in 1988 and has been adding to it ever since. The massive structure has vaulted ceilings and an upper floor accessible by rope ladder. Old toys, telephones, wheels, appliances, shiny things, and other donated junk combine to make this sparkling, beautiful place!

On our last leg of our trip, we went through Bluefield, West Virginia to see a mural in a janitor's closet that a friend had tipped us off about. The painting can be found in a dormitory at Bluefield College, where it was done around 35 years ago by Earl Frankenfield, Sr.
In his spare time, Mr. Frankenfield created beautiful illustrations of the old testament. We were so glad we went out of our way to see this!
Here are a few pictures of the portion of the mural that still exists...

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