Tuesday, March 1, 2011

mountain kite!

Probably not the most functional kite, but I had the best time making it! It looks perfect with my yellow curtains...am I right?
Scroll down for details about the show!

first flight

I made a kite for "First Flight" at Masthead Print Studio in Philly!

Please join us for the first of many Spectrum Collective artist events! Light jackets & outdoor fun time is rapidly approaching, can you believe it? Get into warm weather mode with a multitude of handmade kites & springtime screen prints by over 50 artists. There will be food, drinks & friendly faces, as well as free screen printing on site! So gather your friends, grab your tote bags, tshirts & other customizable items & bring your art-lovin' self out to Masthead Print Studio on March 12th. Show love for fellow artists & support a budding all-things posi non-profit artist collective!

The opening will be Saturday March 12 from 6-9...

Masthead Print Studio
340 Brown Street
Philadelphia, PA

sheep pasting

Don't you think every mailbox should have a little friend pasted on the side?
more pics on Conrad's blog!