Thursday, July 29, 2010

sesame street

When I was little I used to watch a lot of Sesame Street. I forgot how wonderful it was until I spent a ridiculous amount of time on YouTube recently. Really, I had to hold myself back. I could have posted 10 videos. Sesame Street had everything you could possibly want: beautiful 1970s animation, puppets, stop motion, and animal segments that are so cute they make you want to hug an animal to death.

little boats

and I made these while we were at the beach. I want to do it again!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

drawings of things

I recently got a new sketch book. Here are some things I've been filling it with....

more from baltimore

I tracked down some more pictures of the "Sign Language" show.  Some pictures from the opening and of the other pieces are available on this flickr and on these blogs: there were ten tigers and charm city current. And here is a piece made by my friend Patrick:

And here is a pope!